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Solidarity to colleagues at the University Of Leicester

Colleagues at the University of Leicester are shaping for a strike following news that the university plans to make up to 145 staff members redundant. These redundancies would include ‘critical workers’ such as library staff and maintenance staff, who were essential to campus infrastructure during the pandemic. Others at risk include researchers with a strong

Annual General Meeting report

In preparation for the ARU UCU Branch Annual General Meeting on Friday 12th March, the following report was prepared. It summarises actions that have been taken by the Branch since the start of 2020, and sets out key areas of concern for our Branch moving forward. The report can be read in full here.

Victimisation of UCU officers overturned

UCU representatives, who have been raising concerns about workloads, bullying and health and safety, have recently had a vexatious grievance mounted against them and presented without a shred of evidence. The Branch Executive made clear this is intolerable. After meeting UCU, University leaders have decided no action will be taken against any of our officers